Mission Statement

With today’s Wealth and Technology,there is no reason why anyone on the face of the planet should be without the basic human needs of food, water and a decent clean place to call home, a place to call their own.  My mission is very simple AND VERY EASY: To awaken the consciences of  all Human beings to do their part to eradicate hunger and homelessness off of the the face of the planet. PERIOD. If we all just did or small part, MISSION COMPLETE.


My “LIFE MISSION” (My “BIG WHY”) is to try and partner with as many individuals, families, groups, sororities, fraternities, schools, universities, small business, and corporations to eradicate hunger in every major city in America and beyond.


“All of GOD’S Children Deserve to be Fed 365 days a year,  Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner”.